About us

Our experience guarantees your success

Since 2001 we have offered non-proprietary IT-services as an independently managed company based in Vienna. The essence of our philosophy: Technical and methodical competence by themselves are not enough. We are working with people, for people!


The team

  • Osman Gümüs
    Osman Gümüs CEO
  • Bernhard Rauter
    Bernhard Rauter Senior Consultant - Digital Quality Assurance
  • Hans Sowa
    Hans Sowa Swiss army knife of Agile Software Development
  • Vesta Schock
    Vesta Schock Human Resources & Finance
  • Emine Gümüs
    Emine Gümüs Administration
  • Johannes Wagner
    Johannes Wagner Senior Software Developer
  • Magda Ofner
    Magda Ofner Senior Consultant
  • Baris Saydere
    Baris Saydere Software Developer
  • Daniel Kantas
    Daniel Kantas IT-Support Technician
  • Sarah Arthaber
    Sarah Arthaber Product Management & Digital Quality Assurance
  • Yusuf Adak
    Yusuf Adak Software Tester
  • Silvia Wimmer
    Silvia Wimmer Software Tester
  • Manuel Jaiczay
    Manuel Jaiczay Machine Learning Engineer
  • Florian Gludowatz
    Florian Gludowatz Software Developer
  • Zorana Jevtic
    Zorana Jevtic Software Tester
  • Stephan Pillhofer
    Stephan Pillhofer IT Security Engineer
  • Ekaterina Lisyanskaya
    Ekaterina Lisyanskaya IoT Engineer
  • Julian Dvorak
    Julian Dvorak Junior Software-Developer
  • Enes Yildirim
    Enes Yildirim Junior Software Developer
  • Christian Schwind
    Christian Schwind Software Developer (Freelance)