Usage of Cookies

„Cookies“ are tiny textfiles that the webbrowser saves on your computer’s hard drive. Whenever you visit our website, these cookies keep track of your interests and activities based on how you interact with our site. The data collected in this process does not contain any information about you as a person. Some of this data is essential for us to be able to provide you with certain functionalities (such as the “Keep me logged in” option). Most modern webservices use cookies. We use them solely to provide our users with the best service possible.

We also integrate Google Analytics with our website, a webbased analytics software provided and operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States. Google Analytics also uses cookies. The information generated by these cookies is usually transferred to a Google server in the USA and stored there. All data Google collects is anonymized and does not contain any information about you as a person. For more information on the terms of service and the privacy options of Google Analytics, please refer to the websites and respectively.

What data we collect

  • Request (the name of the requested file)
  • Browsertype/ -version (i.e.: Internet Explorer 8.0)
  • Browserlanguage (i.e.: English)
  • Operating system (i.e.: Windows Vista)
  • Browser window resolution
  • Screen resolution
  • Javascript on / off
  • Java on / off
  • Cookies on / off
  • Color depth
  • Referrer URL (the site you visited before visiting ours)
  • IP address – anonymized as per EU-law (by IP-masking)
  • Time and date of your visit
  • Clicks
  • Content of forms if necessary

What we use the data for

1. To be able to provide certain services (i.e.: the “Keep me logged in” option)
2. To be able to show you advertisments based on your interests
3. To be able to analyze the interests of our visitors based on anonymized usergroups
4. To be able to analyze our services statistically in order to improve them

How to opt out of being tracked

We feel obliged to let you know that by applying the following settings, certain funcionality provided by our website may no longer be fully available to you. To completely opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics, simply download and install the following browser-plugin: If you wish to opt out of being tracked on our site only (, please click the following link: Google Analytics opt-out.