Enterprise Content Management

Efficient data-migration to OpenText archives

The better your information management and filing system, the better you can make actual use of the knowledge base available to you. Our software tool Enterprise Content Management (ECM) converts data from a wide variety of origins and formats (data bases, Emails, CSV-files, etc.) including their meta-data to OpenText archives. It is a perfect solution for processing and archiving any kind of data.

Cost transparency is important to us

When it comes down to calculating costs, you like to play it safe? We do, too! Transparency and confirmability are very important to us. If you would like us to estimate the effort required to make your project happen in advance, please send us your requirements.


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  • Osman Gümüs
    Osman Gümüs CEO
  • Bernhard Rauter
    Bernhard Rauter Senior Consultant - Digital Quality Assurance