IT-consulting & analysis

Extensive know-how for competent solutions

As experienced IT-consultants we are aware of the fact, that the success of your IT-projects more often than not depends upon how much they are geared to your company’s actual business processes. Apart from their IT-know-how our experts therefore bring a lot of understanding for those processes to the table.

How we work


We start out by trying to understand your business model. Professional consulting depends upon proper understanding of the current situation the client is in.


We analyse methodically and thoroughly and then work towards processes and solutions that help you to achieve your business goals perfectly.


We give clear advice and provide concepts and suggestions fitting your requirements. We keep your goals in mind at any point in time.

Cost transparency is important to us

When it comes down to calculating costs, you like to play it safe? We do, too! Transparency and confirmability are very important to us. If you would like us to estimate the effort required to make your project happen in advance, please send us your requirements.


Your contacts

  • Osman Gümüs
    Osman Gümüs CEO
  • Bernhard Rauter
    Bernhard Rauter Senior Consultant - Digital Quality Assurance