IT-project management

Professional attendance from start to finish

We lead and support your IT-projects as project managers, coaches or temporary managers and see to it, that the right people are working on the right tasks at any point in time. We attend to your project throughout all it’s stages, from definition and planning up to implementation, controlling and finishing touches.

How we work

Flexible methods

We work with both classic project management tools (PMI, PMA) and process models of Agile Software Development (Scrum, XP).

Intensive communication

We communicate intensively with all the parties involved, to avoid tensions between business associates and thereby create a positive team spirit.

Holistic approach

We always develop a general concept before starting a project, in order to eliminate functional gaps, problems with interfaces and other redundancies.

Transfer of knowledge

We try to avoid bad solutions or choices by closing knowledge-gaps of all the people involved in a project.

Cost transparency is important to us

When it comes down to calculating costs, you like to play it safe? We do, too! Transparency and confirmability are very important to us. If you would like us to estimate the effort required to make your project happen in advance, please send us your requirements.


Your contacts

  • Osman Gümüs
    Osman Gümüs CEO
  • Bernhard Rauter
    Bernhard Rauter Senior Consultant - Digital Quality Assurance