Software testing & quality assurance

We take responsibility for quality assurance and testing

Digitisation has changed the economy and our lives massively. We are surrounded by smart solutions that simplify our work and leisure time. Gone are the days of pure efficiency improvement. Digital systems allow completely new business models and bring competitive advantages with increasing complexity.

The proliferation of digital systems makes us more dependent and more vulnerable to their malfunction or failure. The consequences are new risk scenarios and damage events, some of which have serious consequences.

Through our many years of experience, we know the pitfalls.

What we offer

Takeover of complete test projects - from the test strategy to the acceptance report

Implementation of state-of-the-art test automation solutions

Transformation to Continuous Testing

Consulting and support for agilisation and scaling of existing test organisations

This guides us

Testing is an integral part of software development and begins with the collection of requirements.

Testing is a complex, analytical task which even in high-performance development teams still contributes significantly to the achievement of objectives.

True to the agile principles, the focus is always on the customer and his benefit from running software, not on finding bugs for the sake of bugs.

We use risk orientation and established standards in software testing to work purposefully, professionally and carefully.

We prefer to work with our customers in their familiar working environment.

How we work

We rely on agile methods, high quality and top trained employees in self-dependent & self-organized teams.

Agile tester

We are agile and know what is important as testers in agile teams: not the agility per se, but the commitment to get involved in the team and to be demanding when it comes to the quality of the results.


Our testers are not only experts in test methods and tools, but also good analysts and organizers. Our test automators are excellent developers. Our developers, like our testers, feel responsible for the quality of the code.

Technical affinity

We value a solid, technical education, passion for handicrafts and proximity to software development. In our OGS-Lab we experiment with new technologies and tools.


We are happy to take responsibility for the final result. We succeed best with our well-rehearsed, x-functional teams. From the product vision to the operation.

Seniority Mix

As a company with almost 20 years of experience, we are already one of the established software developer employer. Our team has an excellent mix of young wild ones, routined specialists and experienced consultants.

Anything goes meets based on experience!

Industry know-how

We have professional know-how thanks to a wide range of industries (e.g: pharmaceuticals, public authorities, banks & financial service providers, insurance companies, transport & logistics, aviation, energy suppliers, telecommunications, …).


Your contacts

  • Osman Gümüs
    Osman Gümüs CEO
  • Bernhard Rauter
    Bernhard Rauter Senior Consultant - Digital Quality Assurance